Is Small Right for You?


If there’s one thing nearly all people have in common, it’s this: we value our freedom. Nobody enjoys receiving external pressure about families. That’s applicable if you want zero children or how many you think is right!

You’re probably noticed that most of the families we’ve highlighted are small families. Why? We love small families! It’s ok to be small. It’s ok to plan small families on purpose.  We value your freedom and ours.  We’re not trying to tell you that small is the only way to go. We’re also not trying to tell you that you and your partner absolutely must have a family plan. We hope you’ll feel empowered and are active in the family decisions you choose to make.

We do want you to consider your options and ask yourself, am I making the family decisions I’m making because of external pressure? If so, that may not end in the best results for you.

Is small right for you?

Many of the families we interviewed for this website shared common motivations. We heard a big emphasis on wanting to be able to give individual attention to their children. We heard mention of financial stability, mental stability, having more time to focus on their children, and better able to be good stewards of the earth. That’s not saying that children in large families don’t get individualized attention or don’t care about these things; merely many of these Utah families felt that their specific situations were better suited to small families. And that’s ok!

Regardless of the size or makeup of your family, you can make a conscientious effort to be the best family that you can be. You can make a conscientious effort to leave your community better than the way you inherited it. As a family of one, a family of two, a family of four, a family of more: it’s ok to plan.


Congrats to our “1  Year’s Diaper Quantity’ winner! 

Reannae made the winning guess of 2,820.  Here’s her full comment:

“I came by the guess mostly by using mathematics. A few years back my  sister-in-law mentioned how many diapers she was using with her newborn. I  remember the number surprised me back then,” Reannae said. “Then I looked up about 5 different  websites to check my math and see if it was close to the average. Since it  was, I submitted that number.”

“Thank you for having the opportunity to win these diapers,” said Reannae. “You’re awesome and so are all these diapers!”

A little on Reannae and her family’s story as told by Reannae herself:

My husband and I decided we wanted children when we got married 4.5 years ago. He wanted two and I wanted four. We decided to just try for one first and see how it went. I knew I’d still want at least two so that they each had someone to play with. I grew up in a big family and I didn’t want just one child. Although many have none or just one and that is great because that is what they wanted but for me I wanted at least two. Well, we tried for 3.5 years and never had our baby. It was decided that I probably couldn’t have children and we were so stressed trying that we weren’t happy. We decided to stop trying and that we’d just be the awesome aunt and uncle. It was ok not to have children and I was honestly surprised with how well everyone was acting about it. I thought I’d let my family down by not having a big family but they were great!  Well two months later I found out we were pregnant. At that point I was so thankful and feeling blessed that I could have a child that I decided one was great and if I had another down the road that would be ok too. But this one was wonderful. My husband and I had some problems during the pregnancy and he decided to separate. I was worried about how I was going to afford everything on my own after getting my miracle baby. Then I received the amazing call telling me I’d won the contest. It actually felt like a burden had been lifted. Now my baby is nine weeks old and is just a truly wonderful blessing in my life. The diapers are great and are such a help. Things are going great and he’s getting so big. Things are working out between his dad and I. And I’m thankful for my family of three. It feels like a good number right now.

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