Celina, Cecilia, and Giovanni

Celina (37), Cecilia (13), and Giovanni (11)

About Celina’s Family

We travel together a lot and I enjoy my kids’ company as we race through various airports. They are pros at TSA and are great travelers.  When we were in Paris they had the opportunity to play a gypsy’s violin in the subway and we loved their performance (my children both play the violin). The kids and I like to go to the movies. It just takes us awhile to decide which one we want to see. We also watch stand up comedians on netflix. Gio is an aspiring comedian.

I love how good my kids have turned out despite my parenting. I always tell them kids don’t come with a manual and you have to learn how to be one on the fly.  I’ve tried my best to give them every opportunity and they have truly risen to the occasion and become intelligent, talented, and good hearted individuals. They have an amazing work ethic, that I’m amazed at.  I’m always surprised by their talent. I hear them practicing their instruments but then when I attend their performances or recitals I am in shock and awe of their talent and skill. It’s fun to be impressed with your kids.

We have a team effort in our home because it’s just us. We work hard and play hard. I take care of them and they in turn take care of me. They like going out with mom to all of her different events.

I had my children mid-20’s and felt a bit of cultural pressure to start having kids.  But, in hindsight I would have delayed that until at least my late 20’s, early 30’s to further my career and build up some capital in advance of having children. When I had Cecilia I knew that I wanted to have a sibling for her. I grew up with two brothers and I was fairly close in age to my older brother so I wanted that for her as well. So Giovanni was born right after Cecilia turned two years old and they have been fairly good friends since then.

Children are very expensive and they keep getting more expensive. I want to be able to give my children amazing opportunities and experiences in their lives. So with music lessons, sports, clothes, travel, braces, glasses, etc. it starts to add up really fast. And that’s just getting them through high school! Be prepared for the financial responsibility that comes with having children.

It’s easy to love and enjoy your kids! You grow a 2nd and 3rd heart for each child. It is amazing how much unconditional love you have for these individuals. The difficulty is that you are raising them to go out into the world on their own and you just want to prepare them the best you can and equip them with everything they need. The hard part is that time flies by so fast! You’re continually learning about their certain developmental age stage and poof they’re through that one and on to the next so the parental learning curve as I call it is very steep!

My advice when deciding on how many children to have, is to do what feels right by you and your family. Don’t let anyone else tell you how to create or structure your family. Kids are a blessing. They help us realize a purpose greater than our own and they add so much joy to your life. Relax and enjoy the fast ride!