Brendan, Sara, Will and Lily

Brendan (34), Sara (33), Will (7) and Lily (3) 

Their Story 

We love to camp and we go often. Most of our best memories are of camping and hiking all over Utah. One of Will’s favorite activities as a family was when we went hiking and he got his own camel-back.  Lily loves it when we make blanket forts! A lot of our favorite activities include, camping, hiking, going to the park and family movie and game nights. Will also loves the cool stuff that his dad builds with him. Lily just says that she loves her mom and dad. I feel that one of the best things about being a parent is watching my kids grow and learn. You get to experience the world in a whole new way as a parent.

Some things I would recommend to parents as they make their own decisions I would say to consider cost, your ability to be patient, and how you will meet every need of the children that you have. We wanted to have as much one on one time with our children as we could, especially when they were infants. We chose a three year gap because we thought that would give each child a lot of time with each parent. We chose two because neither of us wanted a big family and two feels really perfect for us. Both of our sets of parents were suggesting that they were ready for a grandchild but they have all been respectful of boundaries and decisions. My (Sara’s) parents have always encouraged a small family.

Loving your children is the easiest part about being a parent. The hardest part is finding a good balance between giving them everything they need and still making time to keep yourself happy and healthy. If there is any advice I would give to parents or future parents, it is to keep communication open with your partner and make decisions that work for you and not what everybody tells you that you need to do .