Andrew, Elizabeth and Truman

Andrew and Elizabeth are young parents of Truman (2). Truman is likely to be their only child. This family is active in the community. Elizabeth is also a classically trained singer and Andrew is an expert fundraiser.

About Andrew and Elizabeth’s family:

We love going to the park, playing catch, telling stories. One of our favorite moments as parents was Truman learning to sing and doing it on his own. Exposing Truman to new things and watching him learn and experience them for the first time (the zoo, parks, artwork, musicians, etc.) is another highlight of parenting. The unexpected moments, when our son is kind to strangers, creates his own stories, seeing the magic of childhood in our own son’s experiences — that’s what makes parenting incredible.

Our son was an unexpected blessing. We weren’t planning on having a child so early but we love being Truman’s parents. We encourage others to consider the importance of your child’s individuality and the quality of attention to their growth you as a parent can provide. Make sure that what you are doing is in the best interest of yourself as an individual and a couple. Consider your partner. Consider your time. Make the best decision possible void of outside influences.

As young parents, people constantly ask us — especially at church — when we will have another child. Our son is only 2, and we want to enjoy that time with him while we can. If we ever decide to have another, it will not fit the standards of the community around us. The pressure to have a child every two years is enormous, and can be detrimental to the health of the family unit. Family size should depend upon the capacities of the family, not on the social ideals espoused by a community.