Families are Amazing

Whether your family numbers four, is just you and your spouse, or just you, the important thing is that you find a size that is right for you. Your family’s number is up to you both and no one else! You want the size that works  for your income, gives you the opportunity to give your children maximum time and attention, and also keeps you sane and emotionally happy.

And guess what, it’s ok to plan! Family size is a personal decision between two parents. It’s completely up to you, and it’s up to you when you have children and how many (or none at all).   Please see our various pages and tools to help you determine what’s right for you and when.

Please also click through ‘Our Families’ to meet a number of Utah families. They all have different reasons for their unique family decisions. They all value their families.

Support for Small Families:

Our Small Families campaign was launched in hopes to support and provide for small families. “Guess how many diapers are used for an average child in a year?”  was the question for our 2013 Diaper Contest. The winner received the number of diapers used for an average child in one year – an average of the totals reported on six different websites.

Reannae made the winning guess of 2,820 – nearly 3,000 diapers/year!

“I came by the guess mostly by using mathematics. A few years back my  sister-in-law mentioned how many diapers she was using with her newborn. I  remember the number surprised me back then….

“Thank you for having the opportunity to win these diapers,” said Reannae. “You’re awesome and so are all these diapers!”

A little on Reannae and her family’s story as told by Reannae herself:

My husband and I decided we wanted children when we got married. He wanted two and I wanted four. We decided to just try for one first and see how it went….

Now my baby is nine weeks old and is just a truly wonderful blessing in my life. The diapers are great and are such a help. Things are going great and he’s getting so big…. And I’m thankful for my family of three. It feels like a good number right now.     


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